Elevate Your Leadership: Executive Coaching for Impact and Resilience

Elevate your leadership from functional to exceptional. If you're ready to tackle complex challenges, inspire your team, and drive meaningful change - without burning out yourself or your team - you're in the right place.

If you’re not familiar with me and my approach, it’s worthwhile to review my service overview. If the themes of executive coaching resonate with you and you don’t have a budget for coaching but do have a budget for consulting, let’s talk.)

Is This You?

You might be seeking executive coaching because:

  • You're in a new leadership position feeling unprepared, confronting growth challenges, or identifying leadership blind spots that are holding you back.

  • Burnout isn't just a buzzword for you; it's a reality. You're looking for sustainable strategies to manage your workload and support your team's well-being.

  • Despite success, you feel you've hit a plateau in your growth and are unsure how to move beyond it.

  • You're facing significant organizational changes or challenges and need strategic guidance to navigate them effectively.

  • You recognize the need for a stronger leadership presence to inspire and motivate your team.

  • You're seeking to enhance your strategic thinking and execution to drive your organization forward.

If you’re experiencing any of the above, it’s not a sign of your leadership incompetence. Many leaders - including the ones you look up to - are navigating the same challenges.

Few leaders do it alone, though. If you’d like some partnership on it, click the button below to get in touch.


What We Can Discuss In Executive Coaching Sessions

If you've never had an executive coach before, it can be hard to imagine what it is and why it's so helpful. It's pretty abstract.

To make it more tangible, here are the types of questions and conversations clients bring to me every day:

  • With my days consumed by firefighting and immediate tasks, how can I find time for forward-thinking and strategic planning to ensure the long-term success of our organization?

  • I have a clear vision for our future, but how can I inspire and mobilize my team to take initiative and drive forward without my constant involvement?

  • How do I communicate our goals in a way that energizes my team and fosters enthusiasm for our direction?

  • How can I improve my delegation techniques to ensure tasks are completed efficiently without my constant oversight, allowing me more time for strategic leadership duties?

  • How can I better delegate responsibilities and support my managers in leading their teams effectively, ensuring they feel both guided and autonomous?

  • What strategies can I use to provide feedback that motivates my team to improve and grow, while also keeping morale high?

  • With my superior juggling so much, what are the best ways I can contribute to leadership without overstepping my role or causing friction?

  • Considering the stress and challenges we've been facing, including COVID-19, what can I do to manage my workload and well-being, as well as my team's, to prevent burnout?

Let's get real, though: those questions typically come with much more exasperation and colorful language.

Leadership is often beautiful and tough at the same time. I'm here for the sunshine and the shit.

Results You Can Expect

You’re busy and, as much as you might like to prioritize idle conversations, you (or your organization) are paying for improved results.

Here are the results you can expect from our work together:

  • A stronger, more confident leadership presence that inspires and engages your team.

  • Improved strategic decision-making skills, with a clear focus on outcomes and impact.

  • Enhanced ability to navigate and lead through change, fostering a resilient and adaptive organization.

  • A deeper understanding of your leadership style and how to leverage it for maximum effectiveness.

  • A noticeable increase in your team's ability to adapt and thrive amidst challenges, enhancing overall performance, cohesion, and morale.

  • Reduced burnout for yourself and your team

  • A healthier work-life harmony that enriches your personal life and your professional effectiveness

Great leaders make everyone around them better. Exceptional leaders can do that at the same time that they become better, too.

Let’s figure out your pathway to being an exceptional leader together.

How We Work Together

My default engagements are six months long. I meet with clients every other week for about an hour.

That engagement duration and meeting cadence are the Goldilocks zone for most clients. Six months is long enough that we can make significant progress on your leadership effectiveness and how your team is running, but not so long that it feels like a forever commitment. A month in the world of a busy leader feels way too long, but meeting weekly doesn't give you enough time to implement, lead, and do your job.

We can discuss what between-meeting support you need during our discovery session. I use Marco Polo or text with some clients; others find that way too much.

Every client partnership is different because every client and their scenario is different. Let's co-create what will work best for you.

If you're ready to see if we're a fit, click the "Get in Touch" button below.


Client Testimonials

The testimonials below are representative of what many clients say about working with me.